AMMPI faculty, Dr. Jincheng Du, Fulbright US Scholar awardee will study nature of phase separations in glass materials

Department of Materials Science and Engineering Professor Jincheng Du recently received a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award to research the nature of phase separations in glass materials and their biomedical applications.

Du, an expert on glass and amorphous materials, will focus particularly on two research areas under the Fulbright Scholar Award: microscale phase separation in glasses and inorganic glasses for biomedical applications.

Additive Manufacturing Laboratory opens doors to the future

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – the fusion of manufacturing design, process and production into one comprehensive whole – has spurred new technology for additive manufacturing, a process that builds 3D objects through the successive layering of metals, ceramic and metal-ceramic alloys. And the University of North Texas’s new state-of-art Additive Manufacturing Laboratory located within the university’s centralized Materials Research Facility, which opened its doors to the public Wednesday, Nov.

AMMPI faculty Dr. D'Souza receives American Chemical Society's 2018 Doherty Award

Dr. Francis D'souza, distinguished research professor of the Chemistry Department at the University of North Texas (College of Science) and AMMPI's faculty, has received the 2018 Doherty Award from the American Chemical Society. This prestigious honor is given for excellence in chemical research or chemistry teaching, meritorious service to ACS, establishment of a new chemical industry, solution of pollution problems, and/or advances in curative or preventative chemotherapy.

AMMPI scientist Dr. Berman working on Chinese violet cress for oil alternative

A common garden plant has been keeping a secret, and some researchers think it could, eventually, replace petroleum for engines. Scientists just announced the discovery of two entirely new fatty acids found in the Chinese violet cress. What's more, these compounds are like nothing researchers have ever seen before.

The research was published today in the journal Nature Plants by scientists from the University of Nebraska, Huazhong Agricultural University, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, and the University of North Texas .

AMMPI scientist Arup Neogi disproving Rayleigh reciprocity theorem 

“Imagine a room where a conversation is taking place between two people,” said Arup Neogi, a distinguished research professor in the Department of Physics.  “I speak to you and you hear me. You speak to me and I hear you. This will work even if we switch places. That is a basic explanation of Rayleigh’s theory of sound and reciprocity.

AMMPI faculty Dr. Thomas Scharf elected STLE Fellow

Thomas Scharf, professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, was elected as a Fellow to the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) for his outstanding contributions in the field of tribology. 

Fellow membership recognizes long-term members who have made a significant impact on the field of tribology and lubrication engineering. 

Scharf’s focus was in materials tribology, and particularly, solid lubricants.

AMMPI researcher on nuclear waste disposal method

University of North Texas Department of Materials Science and Engineering professor Jincheng Du is working to develop new glass materials to store nuclear waste and, after experimenting with advanced modeling and characterizations, found that a gel layer that forms on the glass surface, has unique properties. This gel layer holds the key to long-term durability of nuclear waste storage.