Dr. D’Souza Appointed 2nd VP of the Society of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines

Dr. Francis D'Souza of UNT Chemistry has been appointed as the 2nd Vice-President of the Society of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (SPP). This international society serves the interests of scientists working in any area of porphyrins, phthalocyanines and related macrocycles, independent of their scientific discipline, be it chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry or material science. Dr. D'Souza has been a member of the society since its inception in 2000.

UNT researchers receive $5.5 million to make advanced materials for soldier protection

A University of North Texas team of researchers with the Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes Institute received a $5.5 million grant to devise new materials for making bulletproof protection materials.

The Army Research Laboratory grant is the final part of a larger project that awarded a team in the institute up to $20 million to be spread over five years in 2017.

Researchers developing a new alloy for NASA

Department of Materials Science and Engineering Assistant Professor Aidin Imandoust and University Distinguished Research Professor Rajiv Mishra are creating a tungsten-based alloy that could be used for protective linings in nuclear fusion reactors and other nuclear applications.

The research is part of a NASA Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN), which provides $90,000 in funding and a one-to-one match from the university. It also requires research support from NASA scientists.

Researchers collaborate on a half-million dollar NSF grant

UNT researcher and professor Bibhudutta Rout from Physics, alongside Saraju Mohanty from UNT Computer Science and Engineering and Elias Kougianos from UNT Electrical Engineering are collaborating with a team led by Babu Baniya from the Grambling State University on a half-million dollar NSF grant to advance medical security and broaden participation of historically underrepresented students in

Major NSF Grant Awarded to Drs. Kelber, Cundari, & D'Souza

A team of UNT Chemistry researchers led by three faculty members--Professors Jeffry A. Kelber, Thomas R. Cundari, and Francis D'Souza--has received a major grant from the National Science Foundation's Division of Materials Research to investigate fundamental chemical interactions relevant to the conversion of nitrogen to ammonia via energy-efficient chemical routes. Because ammonia is a key ingredient in fertilizers, its production is vital to agriculture and food security.

UNT Awards Grants for Autonomous Vehicle Research

Maurizio Manzo and Hector Siller in the College of Engineering, along with Abdulrahman Habib in the College of Science, were selected by UNT’s Jim McNatt Institute for Logistics Research as one of four teams to receive a seed grant.

These three University of North Texas faculty members are working on a project to use embedded fiber optical sensing for autonomous vehicles to increase day-to-day tracking of a variety of measurements.

AMMPI Faculty Member receives 2020 NSF CAREER Award

Dr. Diana Berman, an Assistant Professor in Materials Science & Engineering, is the recipient of a 2020 NSF CAREER Award. According to the NSF website, this Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grant supports fundamental research to elucidate a new strategy of manufacturing nanoporous ceramic structures with controllable structure and composition and programmable mechanical stability.

Nature publishes paper on long-range nonspreading propagation of sound beam through periodic layered structure

Abstract: Linear spreading of a wave packet or a Gaussian beam is a fundamental effect known in evolution of quantum state and propagation of optical/acoustic beams. The rate of spreading is determined by the diffraction coefficient D which is proportional to the curvature of the isofrequency surface. Here, we analyzed dispersion of sound in a solid-fluid layered structure and found a flex point on the isofrequency curve where D vanishes for given direction of propagation and frequency.