COVID-19 Disruption Opportunities and Alternatives

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Greetings!  Welcome to AMMPI, the Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes Institute at the University of North Texas (UNT). 

With the disruption in business caused by the threat of COVID-19, many companies are facing extra logistics and scheduling challenges.  During this unsettled time, AMMPI is prepared to assist industry with assessing and integrating advanced engineering materials and processes.

In Denton, we are close by and engaged in research and development to train a workforce experienced in conventional and emerging technologies.  We are also experienced in formulating scientific and engineered solutions for the technical needs of our industry partners.  Conducting core-level research in this cross-disciplinary Institute begins with a membership starting at $15K per year. 

As featured on the AMMPI website, the Institute is staffed by a diverse group of researchers, including faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate students from multiple university departments.

Our research topics cover a variety of materials, including composites and new metallic alloy systems like high entropy alloys.  We are able to advance existing and new classes of materials for additive manufacturing (AM), as an example, through research and development, technology readiness activities, material analyses and characterizations, documentation and reporting, and related tasks.

A solid-state AM technology called MELD is among the latest technologies under investigation at UNT.  Our aim is to characterize and advance this technology for different alloy systems, including for bi-alloy applications.  To further this effort, the capabilities in the Institute will soon be augmented by the acquisition of a new MELD E8 machine, which is described on the following webpage:

AMMPI Labs at UNT’s Discovery Park feature an array of standard to specialized capabilities, from production-capable additive manufacturing systems to electron microscopes and other specialized analytic tools.  Here are links to equipment listings for several of these labs:

Corrosion and mechanical testing, including fatigue testing, high strain-rate testing, and a host of other testing services, are available to Institute members at Institute rates.

Joining the Institute to develop and transfer technology has been streamlined for efficient engagement and interfacing between UNT personnel and representatives of industry members of the Institute. The process is featured in an introductory letter from the Institute Director, Dr. Rajiv Mishra linked below:

Once you have had an opportunity to review our capabilities, we invite you and/or your representative to visit with us about AMMPI and the many possible ways the Institute can serve your company and your supporting industry partners.

You are also invited to take an on-line tour of AMMPI facilities via Skype, Teams, Zoom, etc., to learn more about how we are positioned to assist you and your company.  At your convenience, you can contact us by calling (940) 369-8438 or emailing us at  We look forward to visiting with you soon.