Developing better materials for everyday life

AMMPI, the Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes Institute at the University of North Texas (UNT), has been established as an Institute of Research Excellence. This is in recognition of the university’s strong and growing materials science program, which is part of UNT’s fast-growing College of Engineering. The institute will support the university on its path toward national prominence.

AMMPI touts a multi-disciplinary team of researchers committed to collaborating on large research projects with an emphasis on application of findings and solutions to meet market issues and needs.

THE MISSION OF AMMPI is to test, develop and process next-generation structural materials via rapid combinatorial assessment and advanced processing technologies. The institute seeks to drive the development of functional materials for energy conversion and storage, optoelectronics, sensors and structural and environmental monitoring.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Lightweight high strength alloys (Al, Ti, Mg base)
  • High temperature materials
  • Wear and corrosion resistant coatings
  •  Polymeric and composite coatings for high temperature applications
  • Structural biomaterials for load-bearing applications
  • Electronic and opto-electronic materials and devices
  • Energy storage materials and devices
  • Sensor materials and devices
  • Organic, inorganic and hybrid film processing
  • Plasma assisted processing of 2D and composite films
  • Ultrafast spectroscopy
  • First principles calculations and high throughput/ combinatorial techniques for materials discovery
  • Molecular dynamics simulations, computational thermodynamics (CALPHAD) and multiscale materials modeling
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Hybrid manufacturing processes
  • Electrodeposition

The AMMPI is led by Dr. Rajiv Mishra, an expert in the development of alloy microstructures.