AMMPI researchers make discovery that could revolutionize the future of materials science

Researchers at the University of North Texas College of Engineering’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering have found a way to create an ultralight, highly heat-resistant, magnesium-based material by engineering bonds at an atomic level. Their research has been published in the “Nature Communications” journal.

AMMPI Faculty awarded $900,000 grant

The Air Force Office of Scientific Research has awarded University Distinguished Research Professor and AMMPI's faculty Dr. Raj Banerjee from the UNT College of Engineering and his research group a $900,000 grant. The funds will be used to develop and investigate multi-phase high entropy alloys – also referred to as complex-concentrated alloys – that are expected to revolutionize aircraft construction.

AMMPI Faculty partnering with Indian Institute of Technology for bioimplant longevity research

As the population age 65 and older in the U.S. – and the world – grows, so does the need for bioimplants, such as artificial knees and hips, dental prosthetics and cardiovascular devices. Implant surgeries can be taxing on older demographics who tend to take longer to recover, and once a bioimplant is inserted, there’s no guarantee it will last. Sundeep Mukherjee, University of North Texas associate professor of materials science and engineering, wants to change that.

UNT awarded almost $2 million in NSF funding to study the rules of physics

Can engineering change the basic laws of physics? That is one of the questions three professors and a former student at the University of North Texas are attempting to answer.

Arup Neogi, a professor in the College of Science’s Department of Physics, is the principal investigator on a $1,997,222 National Science Foundation grant that will explore such questions.

AMMPI engineer's research looks beyond paint, metals and ceramics

A UNT materials scientist is investigating a secret underneath the final layer of paint on Alessandro Allori's Portrait of Grand Duchess Bianca Capello de Medici with Her Son. The portrait, which was painted more than 500 years ago, is one piece of a story about a controversial royal family. The painting currently is being treated and studied by Paintings Conservation Fellow Laura Hartman in the Dallas Museum of Art's visible conservation studio.

AMMPI's Faculty elected to national board of directors

DENTON (UNT), Texas – University of North Texas Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Thomas Scharf has been elected to the national Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) board of directors.

Scharf's research interests include physical and chemical vapor deposition of ceramic and metallic thin films for moving mechanical assemblies, atomic layer deposition of nanocrystalline solid lubricant thin films for rolling element bearings, micro- and nano-tribology studies of solid lubricants and hard coatings, and more.

AMMPI part of a $20 million grant to research new ways to keep soldiers safe

DENTON, Texas (UNT) — An institute with the University of North Texas’s College of Engineering is part of a new cooperative agreement established by the Army Research Laboratory. The Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes Institute will be working with three other universities to research new ways to keep soldiers safe. 

“This is a large and significant award for UNT,” said Tom McCoy, Vice President for Research and Innovation at UNT. “It will have the potential of providing improved protection for the warfighter and it will enhance the research enterprise at UNT.”

AMMPI faculty member, Dr. Diana Berman, wins prestigious award

DENTON (UNT), Texas -- University of North Texas College of Engineering assistant professor Diana Berman has earned the prestigious 2017 Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities. The award, which is aimed at enhancing the research and professional growth of young faculty, is one of the most prestigious awards for professors teaching engineering, sciences, mathematics and policy management or education.