Dear Industry Representative,

Thank you for your interest in AMMPI, the Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes Institute at the University of North Texas (UNT).  We invite you to join our Institute research program tailored for advancing the next generation of materials and innovative processes for industrial applications.

AMMPI provides pre-competitive, science-based research to Institute members in a consortium environment.  The Institute strengthens and enlarges the research capabilities of both its academic and industry members through conducting cooperative, interdisciplinary research programs with industry.  Research topics range from fundamental to applied research related to engineered material systems and advanced manufacturing processes, including additive manufacturing.

As an Institute of Research Excellence, AMMPI represents UNT’s commitment to the materials science programs advanced by its fast-growing College of Engineering.  The synergistic research carried out in the Institute ranges from designing to processing next-generation structural materials via disciplined planning and assessments using in-house, state-of-the-art research techniques and analytic equipment.

Key benefits and services available to AMMPI members include:

  • State-of-the-Art Technology:  Stay current on the latest technologies in AMMPI Core research.
  • Directed Research:  Co-direct planning and implementation of Institute research.
  • Consortium Synergy:  Multiply research funds by participating in collaborative programs.
  • Competitive Deliverables:  Obtain science-based deliverables from an array of projects.
  • Pre-publications:  Receive free copies of AMMPI research papers, reprints, and posters.

For additional fees, member companies may also employ other Institute services:

  • Interns & Workforce:  Gain access to AMMPI student researchers for interns and employees.
  • Analytic Services:  Access Institute testing and analysis services.
  • Workshops:  Take training in Institute research related fields.
  • Confidential Research:  Pursue proprietary research as an individual Institute member or as part of a subgroup of Institute members.
  • Intellectual Property (IP):  Negotiate non-exclusive licenses (member IP is not disclosed) to Institute IP and gain easy access to non-Institute IP.

By featuring faculty-led student research, Core projects are provided at a lower cost for the industry members. AMMPI industry members are able to influence consortium research projects and gain research reports for the benefit of the Core industry members.

To join AMMPI, select Cover Letter and Membership Form and complete the application form per the instructions included.  For copy of the Standard Research Agreement (SRA) referenced in the Form, or if you have questions about AMMPI or the joining process, please feel free to contact us by calling (940)369-8438 or emailing us at  We look forward to working for you in the Institute.


Rajiv Mishra
AMMPI Director